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15 poewrful Jose Mujica quotes no other leader has the guts to say

"Modest yet bold, liberal and fun-loving."

Naming Uruguay the country of the year in 2013, the Economist may very well have described the rising nation’s head of state, President José “Pepe” Mujica.

Known for his unusual frankness, fiery oration and bold leadership to turn ideas into action, the 78-year-old leader possesses and practices the very characteristics that many world leaders fail to emulate. He has also garnered international acclaim for his progressive policies, down-to-earth personality and simple presentation, which has earned him a reputation as “the world’s poorest president.”

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And he looks like the world’s kindest, nicest and bestest grandpa too! T__T How are you even real, Jose, how…

Anyone looking for a new mattress that won’t slaughter your back?

OK, so I may be in the minority here being in my late 20s and experiencing the joys of a not-so-young-anymore body, but I’ve been waking up with hellacious neck and back aches on a regular basis for a solid year or so. This past week has been especially excruciating.


At one point I thought it was my pillows destroying my neck, so I kept getting new ones and trying different things but nothing helped. Then I realized I have a pillow-top mattress. Those things were kind of in vogue back in 2010 so I was like “ahh, what the hell” when I bought mine. HUGE MISTAKE. I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy a new mattress so that I don’t end up wearing a back-brace by the time I’m 30. Enter Tuft and Needle. These guys make their mattresses in the US from start to finish and have amazing customer service. I mean, they are even willing to give you back what you paid if you refer enough people. So that’s exactly what I’m doing. I got $50 off using a code from a friend, and now I’m extending that to you, Tumblr friends:

I know 90% of you are bots and the other 10% are like 15 years old, but if your families (or yourselves) need a good, amazing-balls mattress that is made by an honest company with no middle-man retail evils, this is the way to go. And when you use the code I also get $50 back, so it’s a win-win for all of us.

TL;DR: use the above code to get $50 off a sweet, great-for-your-whole-body mattress that is super affordable to begin with (nothing over $600 for the higher-tier model, so…). 

Endymion, you are my first love, my only love… even if we’re reborn, in another life, we’ll find each other… and then… We’ll fall in love again

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